Palamós CF is a soccer team that was born in 1898. It is the oldest team in Catalonia, an area of Spain, and it was the first club founded by Spanish people. Palamós is a small village in the Mediterranean coast in the north of Spain. It is in the Catalonia region of Spain, and the name of the coast where Palamós is found is called the Costa Brava (“stormy coast”). The Costa Brava is an area in the north of Catalonia, close to France. The reason for the name is because on this coast there are a lot of cliffs close to the sea.  

Palamós is now playing in the second division B, which is the third category division in Spain. Famous teams like Madrid and Barcelona play in the first division; after this division there are the second division A and next is the second division B. The Palamós team is not playing as well as last year, and very soon we will go down to the third division. The best period for this team was from 1986 to 1995. During this time Palamós had a very good team, and Palamós got to play in the second division A from 1989 to 1995. The key were players who signed up in 1986 and the coach (Waldo Ramos, the club’s best coach). In 1986 Palamós was playing in a very low category and then everybody was surprised because Palamós team got to win so many matches that the team was feared by the other competitors. Then the Palamós team managed to get into the Second division A. It was just like a dream, because Palamós were (and still is) a small village and the other teams at that moment in that category came from big cities. The dream lasted 6 years until 1995, when the president started to lose money and then the dream finished. The team finished the season in seventeenth place in the league even although there were very good players. In one match, one player named Puche scored 6 goals which is one of the best records in the Spanish soccer leagues (and the result of the match was 7-1 in favour of Palamós). The reason for the seventeenth position was that president could not pay money to the team’s professional players. Because of this the Palamós team dropped two categories at the same time, down to the third division (all the competitors are from Catalonia). Four years ago, Dmitry Piterman arrived in Palamós. Piterman is a very eccentric man. He is from Russia, but he has the nationality of the USA. When he was the president, he was trying to get the higher division (second division B). He signed up many coaches in order to get it but he couldn’t. Then he decided to be the coach. Everybody was surprised, but it was incredible because the Palamós team started to play very well and won a lot of matches. Palamós finished the season in first position and the team reached the second division B. Last year Piterman left the club and now it is very difficult to find another president who likes the Palamós team, because now there are still economic problems in the team.

We have been fans of the club since we were young. We have travelled with the players many times when the team went to play matches by bus some years ago. We live in Barcelona which is 100 Km. from Palamós. Many times we travel in order to see the matches of our team.  On the internet we have a open forum where people put their point of view about the team, the next matches, etc... This forum was created by Raul who is a fan who lives very far from Palamós, in Palencia. The name is similar but Palencia is in the north-centre of Spain and the distance between Palamós and Palencia is about 900 Km. But despite that, Raul is a fan who loves the Palamós team a lot.

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JORDI CONDOM(1986-2003)